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25+ Common Mistakes in Strategic Management

In this article we focus on a growing list of common mistakes that organizations make in planning and execution. … Continue ]


Action Summary

Why do 75% of strategic plans fail? Most fail due to poor execution. They fail to put those great ideas into action. … Continue ]


Do Measures Matter?

The 2013 annual letter from Bill Gates is a powerful document. It is a must read for anyone trying to get results in their business or personal life. … Continue ]


Future Environmental Scanning

Planning is about the future. Before you get busy planning, stop and take a look at that future. … Continue ]

Best Practices Tips & Tools

Scenario Planning: Tips & Tools

Do scenario planning before you need it. Ensure involvement and commitment from senior managers. … Continue ]


Scenario Planning: Unleashing the power of scenario planning in your organization

You are #1 in the world. Your products are known for their quality and safety. People are so addicted to your device it is nicknamed the “crackberry”. … Continue ]


Strategic Management: Sustaining business excellence and superior results

There are two organizations. The first has a clear strategic plan supported by everyone in their company and they have a reputation for superior execution. … Continue ]

Best Practices Tips & Tools

Strategic Management: Tips & Tools

Ensure involvement and commitment from senior managers. Plan to Plan. Do not leave planning to a single group in the organization. … Continue ]

Strategic Thinking Simplicity

Strategic Thinking Simplicity

You frequently hear people in organizations lament that we need to think more strategically. Where are the strategic thinkers when we need them? … Continue ]


Systems Thinking Simplicity

Systems thinking is a holistic approach that views the whole as being primary and the parts as secondary. … Continue ]